Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Episode 41

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 3.58.02 PM.png

Firstly, I’d like to formally apologize for my incorrect historical anecdotes from yesterday. I thought I’d stumbled on to something interesting, and even if I was half-right overall with my main point, there was a lot of detail that was just plain wrong. I’ll stick to either what I was doing before (character study and symbolism) instead of the more research heavy historical allusions and other real-world similarities (unless I actually know about them).

Anyway, with that out of the way, we can delve straight into the nitty gritty of today, and how the next few episodes will be pure chaos incarnate.

Firstly, Yang is getting all of his closest subordinates and advisors relocated to other positions, and as stated by Bucock, this is a terrible idea. No real need to explore this point, since it’s rather obvious why it’s a total 180 from what would be the most effective scenario. Or is it?

Yang might lose a lot of his effectiveness when away from those he trusts, but those people aren’t completely useless on their own. Perhaps allowing Yang’s chosen ones a more broad platform to defend, they might turn up with a turnaround for this seemingly impossible feat. The Empire sure is looking unbeatable, though.

Next, Operation Ragnarok! Reinhard’s final plan for total universal domination, and this time, no punches will be pulled. Over 1 Million ships will be deployed for this full-force assault on the Alliance, and the stakes couldn’t possibly be higher. But, again, as this show tends to upend it’s own expectations, this plan will most likely be either a complete failure, or events in the battle will go so out of control that something new entirely may form in turn. Will Reinhard finally snap and go full maniacal laughter? Will Yang become the supreme democratic ruler of the now broken Alliance? Anything is fair game now.

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