Casshern Sins, and how Humanity is Subconsciously Addicted to Conflict

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 4.37.16 PM.png

Casshern Sins is fascinating in a way that’s very different to most other shows, because it takes an episodic adventure genre and uses it to explore the depths of the human psyche, all coalescing into one central theme that I have never seen be explored in media at all: Humanity’s dependability and need for conflict.

When we think about peace on Earth, it’s almost universally agreed on that it’s the most desired outcome for the future of humanity. People want peace above all, and hate the ideas of war and conflict basically conceptually. What many people don’t realize though, is how important conflict is despite how it’s been perceived as an objectively negative thing.

Obviously any kind of suffering is something most people don’t want, but surviving suffering leads to adaptability and evolution. Humans have become what they’ve become due to the strain they’ve suffered, from being hunted by wild animals 10,000 years ago, all the way through written history and all of it’s atrocities, to the modern day, where pain and death happen every day. It’s a part of our life as human beings and it’s lead us to the level of technological and societal sophistication that we currently maintain. We are what we are because of the horrors that happened to our ancestors.

What Casshern Sins mananges to show in it’s titular character Casshern, is that he is very much a man (or in this case, robot) tied to war and conflict. He cause the end of the world, plunging the Earth into an era of desolate landscapes, rust, and despair. He wishes to stop fighting, to repent for his sins, but the world that he lives in doesn’t let him. The robots that are left have all grown insane, hungry for his body and desperate to consume him in order to achieve immortality. Casshern is faced with these robots day after day, having to face the results of his actions. Due to what he is, the world is filled with pain.

This is very much similar to how humanity has evolved. Humans have turned humanity into a greedy existence, and now have to cope with the way that they have shaped their very being. The prominence of conflict is due to human’s actions, but now that humanity has reached a level of sophistication that conflict ins’t necessary, it has to repent and reflect on it’s sins now that the idea of war has been so ingrained in our subconscious. It’s for a reason that humans are the only species on Earth that has ever systematically eliminated members of their own race.

Casshern Sins paints a somber picture of humanity and how it’s shaped itself to unconsciously cling to conflict, despite it’s lack of necessity in modern times.

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